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Client Providers

Necord have snippets to access the client and its properties in your application. You can inject managers and utils of discord.js client using constructor.

import { Injectable } from '@nestjs/common';
import { Client, ChannelManager, GuildManager, UserManager, ShardClientUtil, ClientVoiceManager, WebSocketManager, REST } from 'discord.js';

export class AppService {
public constructor(
private readonly client: Client,
private readonly channels: ChannelManager,
private readonly guilds: GuildManager,
private readonly users: UserManager,
private readonly shard: ShardClientUtil,
private readonly voice: ClientVoiceManager,
private readonly ws: WebSocketManager,
private readonly rest: REST
) {}
Class (Type to be Injected)Client Property (Will access to)Description
ClientclientDiscord.js client
ChannelManagerclient.channelsChannels of client
GuildManagerclient.guildsGuilds of client
UserManagerclient.usersUsers of client
ShardClientUtilclient.shardShards utilities
ClientVoiceManagerclient.voiceVoice manager
WebSocketManagerclient.wsWebsocket manager
RESTclient.restREST manager